Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Best Kept Secrets of CHA


Sunday I had no agenda...I decided to wander around and see what I missed. I think everyone gets so caught up in the new releases of the BIG names in the industry...that there are little gems out there with a treasure of products to offer. We can easily miss out on some of the best product out there when we walk around with blinders on.
One of my first discoveries on Sunday was My Little Shoebox, products designed by a very talented Helen Chu. Helen is all about details. Her embellishments remind me of some of the things I do when I am playing with product. She tops the glitter on her chipboard letters with glaze to ensure it stays put, she layers her large flower embellishments and adds glitter around the edges, her tag stickers not only have the option of a message on either side - BUT WOW - the sticker tags have holographic properties!!!!! This blew my mind - holograms are so fun to look at - my kids love holograms. I really think Helen's sticker tags are a breath of fresh air in the industry.
Take a look at her papers - aren't they beautiful!? Gorgeous papers with complete lines of coordinates. Alphabet stickers, epoxy stickers, treasure compacts with brads and buttons (and the compact itself is totally alterable when emptied) - Helen really has it all. She and her friend Tricia were a delight to talk to. I think I loved Helen's products so much because she really has thought of the little details - and if you know my style, I am all about that. For anyone who loves the look of detailed layous, but only has 30 min. - you can achieve that with Helen's products. For people, like me, who enjoy spending a couple hours on a layout - there is so much to play with, layer, cut out for a unique design.
Are you a teacher, or do you have a store that offers classes? Helen has project kits that have EVERYTHING in them and prepared for a class. I gave up teaching at the LSS as preparation was SO time consuming. Helen has done all the work for you in her project kits. These kits would be great for kit clubs as well. So please check out My Little Shoebox - the link has been added to your right - you WON'T be disappointed!

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