Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turtle Love for BoBunny "U Bug Me"

Warning: AI spoiler at bottom if you are reading this and have not seen your finale recording!
Years ago when we raised exotic parrots we learned how difficult it was to find a good veternarian - one who knew more than cats and dogs. Kyle's going into 6th grade, and is holding fast to his desire to become an animal veternarian. However, I suspect there are plenty. I suggested he either specialize in exotics, whether it be avian (that would be birds), or herpetology (study of reptiles) - or even large animals - such as COWS. I hear so many students want to take care of Fluffy and Spot that there is a shortage of farm vets. This layout is dedicated to our son's future - his potential vocation.

I created the journaling block on my own in a program similar to Word - using a few circle borders/frames that rather mimic the BoBunny paper design. I added dashed rules, and admit - I love teacher sites that offer free coloring book pages - which is how I found the turtle clip art. I colored it in with pencils - a nice, little finishing touch, don't you think?

Want to get more scrapping done? Pull out a multitude of photos that go with one line you may have purchased. When I bought Bo Bunny's U BUG ME I had both the toad and turtle photos in mind. The mess from my toad layout was still quite prevalent on my table, so I figured I may as well scrap the turtle photos as well.

This time I followed a recipe for the May ACOT contest - in this layout the color black is used, there are three hearts (note the one roughly cut from cardboard scraps), stitching (albeit my sewing machine broke and there are only a few real stitches), stitched holes with no thread, and plenty of faux stitched circles; mixed alpha letters, and of course the animal is the turtle.

When it's late at night I sometimes get a little punchy while scrapping. I had the orange paint out for the chipboard, and more than once I find myself using my leftover paint to just splat some here and there with a "dry" brush. Hopefully you don't think I went overboard - I was just going for a grungy, boy look.

More detail close-ups - card board scraps begged to be used and give rugged dimension to this layout.

See the rub-ons used on the copper large brads? Those would be from BoBunny's Grease Monkey line - I love it when mfr. collections overlap colors!

Is this layout contest worthy? I am not sure - the basic design seems rather plain - a vertical strip of patterned paper and another cut in an arc to create a "turtle path". I made certain that this project also works for the "cluster challenge" - I have two more animal themed layouts in my head, so we shall see what else I accomplish before the end of the month.

Tonight marks the end of a long journey for a couple of Idol contestants. WARNING: If you have not seen the finale - click off this blog!

I love an upset. I love humble winners. I love Kris Allen! He truly expected Adam Lambert to be in his shoes - he had no words. Just thought it was crazy that after 100 million votes - he was named the new American Idol. I love singing - American Idol is the ONLY prime time show that I spend time watching, although early in the season I am often doing something creative while sitting in front of the television. I took some photos last week of the top three on television. They're not that great - I was watching the results show on the older television in the basement - and a flourescent ceiling light puts a rectangular mask on the photos. But I plan to scrap them - AI is definitely a part of American Culture. It demands my Tuesday nights, and record only as a last resort. Another season has come and gone. The journey is really only beginning for Kris - God has some big plans for him I am sure!

Seeing Simon's rather stone face -afterall, his boy Adam - talented but so overly touted by the judges - did not make it. Adam will be successful for sure, I just think AI wanted him on their label. Back to my point - seeing that Simon really seemed to share no joy in Kris' victory, the news that Simon is moving on is probably a pretty good idea. I admit, I often agreed with Simon's critque, although it can be delivered with a less crushing spirit. It will be interesting to see who the judges are for next year.

I can't wait to hear what Kris puts out on his record. And I am sure Adam's record will be out first, as seems typical for the AI runner up. Congrats to both Kris and Adam. AND btw, I cannot wait to get my hands on Danny Gokey's record - his voice is unique - and he remains the personal favorite in our household from the top three. GO Gokey - cut a record after God's own heart!

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