Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cosmo Cricket - "I Used to Be Normal"

Thus were the words in one of Cosmo's word strips in the new Girl Friday collection, and thus the title inspiration for this layout. I realized it packed great potential for a fun All About Me layout. When is the last time you did one of those? Don't forget, while creating and preserving memories of your children and family members, events, etc. is wonderful - be sure that you will leave behind a piece of yourself and what makes you tick. Too often we fail to scrap ourselves, and our children are sure to treasure our own stories and outlooks on life as well. If we share what we learn in life, it could even help them!

This layout is another from the NSD weekend challenges, and features Cosmo Cricket's Girl Friday line. I really let the product play a role in designing this layout, and it sure turned out fun. Especially with the painted and embellished Magistical Memories tiara. When is the last time you felt like a queen? Grab a chipboard tiara, fancy it up and place it on your head!

The photo was edited in Photoshop to alter its "normalcy" (LOL) The Cosmo patterned cardstock alphabet letters were cut out, and every other one mounted on chipboard to lift it off the page - if you have seen my projects you know I love dimension!
And here is a tip: test print the journaling on scrap so that it lines up correctly on lined paper. (This took me several attempts, holding it up to the light each time to see where I needed to adjust, but it would have looked silly if my text lines had fallen ON the lines.)

Here is the journaling for "I used to be normal..." Many have shared that they can relate, and are eager to scraplift it. Show me the links when you make your own!

Before I began scrapbooking, I was pretty normal. I enjoyed cleaning the house, trying new recipes, reading novels and watching T.V. All that has changed.
Now, when I clean, the trash may become useful on a layout, my husband has become a good cook, I read SBing message boards, and watch the LSS for new product arrivals. Idea notebooks abound; I have more scissors than shoes; my mind is churning ideas 24/7; and I dream about projects. As far as sleep goes, I have no idea how I function on so little- I am the queen of creative energy.

On my To Do list:
- 12 mini albums
- org. brad drawer
- blog new project
- buy more storage
- challenge Layouts
- cards for swap
- print photos
- get some sleep!

I am happy to say I have been working diligently on the "print photos" task on my to do list, and catching up with getting scrapable photos printed from 2008. I fear our PC may crash at anytime, and I want to be sure I have hard copies of my favorite photos and scrapable moments.

I was about to throw some packaging away while I was in the process of creating this layout, and thought - "hey, why not cut out my favorite mfrs. that I stalk the local scrapbook store for, and cluster them on my layout?!" Recycle, reuse.

Has something happened in your life that has changed its sense of normalcy? Perhaps it is an illness, job change, or other life change. I know of one young lady who has found herself stationed in Bagdad, talk about normal American life being distant! My sister told me about her last night, and this morning I decided Abby and I would adopt her. I am certain some drawings from Abigail will brighten up a young soldier's situation in a far off land.

Also, this Tuesday, if you live near Madison, Wisconsin, I am leading another "Cards for Soldiers" day in Cross Plains, WI at the Crossroads Coffeehouse. Between 2:30 and 5:30 you can come and make a card, and write a note of thanks for our military personnel. Paper products have generously been donated by Cosmo Cricket and Fiskars Crafts - I really appreciate it! I have much of it pre-cut to make the card making easy for people who walk in. The American Legion has a goal of over 200 cards to be made as they would like blank ones at the Legion Hall for the community to sign after the parade on Memorial Day. Want to come help?

This is one reason I love my new job so much. My new boss actually lets me do the prep work for this undertaking primarily on company time, and while I am at the coffeehouse assisting with card making, he is right there pitching in as well. It's all about supporting our soldiers, and remembering that freedom is never free.

Have a great Friday - I am off to a Civil War Re-enactment with our son's class. A great field trip that promises lots of photo opportunities!

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