Sunday, May 17, 2009

BoBunny's U Bug Me is Toad-ally Cool

I finally got out my BoBunny "U Bug Me" papers that I've had for a while. I bought them just for the pics of our son with creepy crawly things - not so much the insects, although there are plenty of those photos as well, but for the reptilian types that BoBunny included in this line. BoB issued a May challenge to use the word "may" in a layout - easy enough assignment - I worked it into my journaling.

For this layout I had awesome toad pictures, but they did nothing for me simply cropped, so I had to cut them out. One just happened to be the right size to "tuck in the pocket" of the journaling card.

I love to use jute and other natural fibers on outdoor theme layouts. On this one I decided to use a hole punch to put little holes in around my circle before weaving the jute in and out and having two ends meet to tie a bow. I used some leftover pieces and threaded the buttons, and used floss for the remaining buttons. By using all those buttons I managed to work this layout into the May element challenge at ACOT.

As I contemplated where to place my title I realized this layout needed something more. There are always plenty of cardboard boxes on hand, so I decided to pull a flap off of one and utilize it on the layout. Cardboard, with exposed corrugating, is another element I love to use on outdoor boy layouts. Now, if you are a purist and concerned about acid-free only, don't use cardboard. I do believe there is a manufacturer creating corrugated patterned papers that is acid free - don't quote me, but I am fairly certain it is The Paper Co. as I have used it in the past.

Good ol' copper staples help hold the title and cardboard together on this layout. Don't be afraid to use the negatives in your chipboard letters - they can really change up a title so it is not so predictable. I also used my trick of taking a brown marker around the outside edge of the chipboard letters to give them a nice, crisp edging.

I so clearly remember the day Kyle found this toad. Jesse was mowing the lawn and the big guy made a smart move. Kyle placed the toad on the deck and lay down to watch and stand guard until the mowing was done. The toad was then released into the garden where I love to have them go for lunch. Finding a toad or a frog - few things make Kyle more happy, other than perhaps his favorite flavor of the day at the local frozen custard hangout. Now I know what you're going to say about this layout...

"ewwwww!" But thanks for looking anyhow. Be sure to discover all the little things in your journey that God has created for your enjoyment. When you smile, He smiles!


Connie said...

love your frog LO!!! so cool!

KarenB said...

You're right.... ewwwwww!! I'm not a fan of toads but I toad-ally love your LO! Very very cool.

I followed your a link from your comment on the Bo Bunny blog and wanted to say how much I love your blog!