Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Pics - Hop Deadline Noon Monday

Happy Easter! It still is and I hope everyone has had a wonderful day celebrating and relaxing.  Worship service was powerful, energetic, and probably one of the best Easter messages I have heard - a tag team pastor effort by Chris Dolson and Tim Mackie. The Blackhawk Church worship team is also UBER-talented and as I had hoped we would, we sang a song written by the team called RAISED that I predict churches around the country/world will want to get their hands on to sing in their own worship services. I am eager for the team to cut a CD so I can keep on singing their songs at home.
But VERY BEST OF ALL our friend Marv made it to the church service. He came home from Hospice  after one week there as he did not like it, too boring for him as he likes people contact. Carol brought him home on Good Friday and indeed, it was GOOD.  She drove him a few blocks from home to the head of the trail they had walked many times to their favorite coffee shop  - and Marv walked it. He did this again Saturday. A few weeks ago he was so weak some of us thought for sure the end was near, but Marv told my husband he was not ready to die and we changed our prayers to fit in with Marv's desire - to continue to live, but also for quality in that life.
Marv being able to walk wtih assistance of a cane on one side and his wife on the other is nothing less than a miracle - praise God, HALLELUJAH!  We just need to keep on praying for a good night's sleep for both of them as that is what has changed for them. For whatever reason Marv is sleeping at night, thus allowing Carol to get sleep and much needed rest as well.
BTW - Abby had a non-traditional Easter dress today in that it was/is bright red - her favorite color. The ruby red slippers from her Auntie Nola at Christmas time were a bit large, but I altered them last night so she could wear them. She is so pretty in red!

Don't forget to leave a comment in the BoBunny blog hop thread by NOON Monday to get your name in for a giveaway, and please be sure to leave me a contact source. I will leave you with a sneak peek of  a layout I finished today. Can you guess what line this is from?
Too bad the weekend is over, I could easily use another day and hugely busy week coming up. Happy first full week of April everyone, and happy creating!
Rita S.

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