Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow - what a vacation day! I did not scrap a single layout, and even though I hoped to scrap 2 or 3, I am at peace with how the day unfolded.

It began with a trip to the coffeehouse with Abby. We spent some quiet mom/daughter time there. After an hour or so we headed home, where I helped her set up an awesome track for Thomas and his train friends from the island of Sodor. I hopped on some message boards while she happily played with the trains. I managed to put away more Christmas wrappings, broke down some boxes, and worked a bit in the kitchen.

Carol called to let me know Hospice had just left and I could come over to help her with some projects. I took my laptop along to show them the slides I was working on for the funeral. Marv and Carol are eager to get a laptop and Skype with distant family members. I ended up shopping on line, and it came down to the exact same laptop I bought for myself from Costco. Later on I went in with Carol to find the laptop at Costco, as David, the nice Geek in phones, assisted us.

Home again I did a little more cleaning, took photos of a possible damaged item so the company could see the box to review it for damages, the item, etc. Before I knew it it was time to go to Marv and Carol's again, this time for bible study.

We had a great discussion, and feel I am at last ready to let go and let God. Instead of scrapping this evening as I had hoped, I created a Powerpoint presentation for Marv's funeral. I then felt the urge to blog about Mondays with Marv - to share the words he shared tonight. I am at peace with the pending loss of our friend. I am excited to start reading "Heaven", and offer it as a bible study to the Thursday evening ladies group.

My vacation day was not fruitful in the way that I had planned, but it was indeed very fruitful - spent quite a bit with a friend, whom in my heart, I know will not be here much longer.

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