Thursday, December 10, 2009

BoB Winter Serenade- Plum BEAUTIFUL!

Ah yes...just an ornament, but as it was coming together my thoughts were, "this has got to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever made." Not difficult at all - BoBunny's Winter Serenade, with glitter and shine already "built in", created a gorgeous holiday ornament.

I had found a package of Darice? clear plastic snowflakes a while back that have a prismatic effect - and used KI Gloo to add them where I had added buttons on an earlier ornament I had created. (Scroll down for a similar ornament in traditional colors in a previous post.)

This particular ornament is for a friend in an ornament exchange, but I admit - I would like to create one for myself, and Abby is already ga-ga over it. (Probably because of the purple.) Do you think they would go over well in a benefit auction? I try to make and donate items to several of those throughout the year, and wonder what people would think of homemade ornaments in a silent auction style benefit.

BTW - I found the ornament shape at Michael's in the Christmas decorating section. Of course they were on clearance recently, when I returned to buy out every one they had left. A friend is going to scout another Michael's near her. Thinking ahead to next Christmas. Crossing another hand-made gift off of my Christmas "to do" list. Happy creating!


Lori Mar said...

That is SO gorgeous, Rita! I agree with Abby, the purple is so pretty. It would be great at a benefit auction!

Dawne Carlisle said...

What a beautiful ornament - really classy! I think it would be perfect for an auction! Make a set in matching colors.