Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time for Tea Tin with Paper Element

When it was time to start altering a holiday cookie tin for my father-in-law's Casablanca tea - I immediately went to the manufacturer's who create the textured patterned paper: Crate, Paper Trunk and The Paper Element. Although set aside for a "coffee shop" mini album - I had to snatch a sheet of The Paper Elements Hot Cocoa collection paper for the task at hand. For one - the page already had steaming cups of hot beverage, and two, the colors match my in-laws kitchen. I wanted to create a tin that my MIL would be happy to have readily accessible on the counter.

First, the tea. Casablanca tea is my father-in-laws favorite. When we have breakfast together at the Luckenbooth Cafe in their town, he always enjoys a cup if they happen to have it available. Apparently the tea is in high demand and not always available. I started a WWW search for the tea, and found it only at the English Tea Store - however, for 16 oz. of dried caffeine free, herbal tea - the shipping was $10.50. Despite all the rave reviews on this particular tea, the shipping could buy FIL a book store gift certificate - and he loves those. I happened to call Luckenbooth about 3 wks ago, and was told they'd order it for me. The cost was only $2 more than what I would pay for the 16 oz., and no shipping for me. YEAH!!! However, late last week I received a call from the cafe owner letting me know they had been notified that the tea might not arrive in time - again, because it is in high demand and apparently whomever is not making enough of it.

So we have a pretty tin, that may possibly have no tea inside, but a bookstore gift certificate instead. I let the cafe owner know that our Christmas Eve destination to the ILs takes us right past the cafe, and we would run down at anytime if it arrived in time for gift giving. I admit, I ordered 8 oz. for our family as well, as many of the reviews reported keeping the tea made up in a pitcher, refrigerated, and served as juice. All organic and caffeine and sugar free... sounds like a win win.

I did an internet search for poster art of the movie "Casablanca" to use as part of the tin design. My father-in-law will see the tin, and immediately know what is inside...or at least, what he expects to see inside. I printed the artwork out on orange-peel textured cardstock - which looks so good when distressed with Tim Holtz distress inks. I also used a nib and rubbed the distress ink around the outer rim of the tin lid, which fortunately, was already a mix of vanilla and light beige colors - rubbing walnut ink on the metal darkened it and made it appear more vintage. Super easy metal distressing in this case. Plaid Mod Podge was used to adhere the papers to the tin. There is something about the textured papers - they tend to bend so easily around the curves of a round tin, better than any other type of paper I have used. Using a scrap of the cardstock, I punched what I deemed to be a more manly border punch design, and used it along the top edge of the tin below the lid line. This not only adds to the finished look, but covers up the fact that I cut my Casablanca artwork about 1/8" too short. As we say, there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, as each tends to lead to something that surpasses the original idea. (LOL)

BTW - I love this particular can. Some tall, pretzel stick like wafer cookies were inside that we enjoyed two Christmases ago. I admit I bought the cookies because I liked the shape of the tin, and in fact bought two. This year I bought my hubby some tea that is also in a cylinder can that is only about 9" tall. It's a great size for something I am sure. Maybe we could even make a time capsule as a family, that we can bury as a family in the summer. I often find myself eyeing up store packaging, considering it for a future alteration. I am certain many of you can relate! Christmas is almost here. Even I cannot find the missing gifts purchased months ago...the kids are sure to be happy with their gifts. Although those gloves for Abby would certainly make her happy - she wants to have better control in making a snow ball. (LOL)

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