Sunday, November 1, 2009

Treats, Pumpkins and Cuteness

Did you enjoy your last day of October? Abby and I spent some time making little treat bags for friends. I simply cut a piece of Bo Bunny Boo Crew paper to fit inside the bag. I used "Ghoul Friends" - under the M&Ms are glimpses of cool Halloween spooks - as the recipient eats the M&Ms a ghoul friend is revealed. I thought that would be rather fun - a witch, bat, skelaton, ghost? Keep on eating to find out who you have! The back of this paper is black with the doodled skull images. Abby used a white pen to write BOO! from Abby. Very simple, very cute.

These treats were a snap to make with a box of Bagettes on hand. You can find these in most craft stores. I have had these in my stash for putting small class supplies in, such as brads. I decided they made great treat bags as well.

BTW - I so plan to scraplift this for Valentine's Day classroom treats!

More snapshots from our Halloween preparations. We spent Friday gutting pumpkins - this was the first year Abby actually cleaned her own pumpkin, with a spoon however.

Kyle gutting his pumpkin. Note Jesse's expression in the background. I love this shot because of the story it tells. You can almost hear Kyle's disgust at the slimy innards.

After seeing her brother dive into his pumpkin, Abby wanted to be brave and do the same, but not without a glove. I fashioned one out of a baggie, but still...she stared inside that pumpkin for a while, and in the end - could not bring herself to do it. Dad to the rescue!

Kyle drawing his warrior Jack face.

Abby drawing her happy Jack face.

Here are the kid's jack-o-lanterns lit up for Halloween night! I can see the kids personalities/interests in the faces they made.

Kyle ended up sleeping most of his Halloween away, with a case of flu. Abby, however, ventured out for trick-or-treating. She loved the hand-me-down unicorn/Pegasus costume from the neighbors.

A side profile shot - happily getting treats from a friend's dad.

Halloween night air was crisp and cool. Until we turned onto a north/south running street we really did not have wind, but that did our daughter in and she was ready to call it quits for the night. A bit of candy, and one nice treater was good enough to give Abby a full size Butterfinger for her sick brother, which brought a smile to his face today. Fortunately he is feeling a lot better, and he hasn't had a fever - we are past the afternoon spike period as well!

I hope you all had a fun and safe celebration. Get yourself some BoB Boo Crew and happy creating your boo night pictures!


Juliana said...

Those jacks are adorable Rita and so are your kids! How funny that Abby couldn't bear trying to clean out the slimy insides!!!! Glad to hear Kyle is feeling better! And those Halloween treat bags are adorable!!! You are so going to have to do some V-day treats with these...just wait until you see the new BoB papers! They will be perfect for this! ;) (Wink! Wink! I got mine on Friday!)

Dawne Carlisle said...

Glad to see Abby finally took a turn trick or treating! She looks adorable! So happy Kyle is feeling better! Your treat bags are fabulous!