Saturday, November 21, 2009

Essence of Marv

That is what I am calling today's photo shoot. I attempted to capture a bit of who Marv is as a man though some of his belonging. Mainly, his bible, a cross, worn straw hat, and a trowel "distressed" with dry cement - Marv spent 30 years of his life as a "concrete man".

I look forward to going through all the photos. AND I called on my new knowledge of poor man's studio lighting - thanks to the BAG photography group at Blackhawk. These pictures are unadjusted - set up a little auxilliary lighting and it can save hours at the computer editing!

I plan to use a number of the photos in a remembrance album I am hoping to finish by Christmas. I couldn't do a thing, however, without these photos. I would love to hear what you think of these few shown here today. Especially your feedback on the cropping of the last photo, please.

The photo collage below showcases the only available photograph of Marv as a boy. I love the the horse in the photo, as I just recently learned that Marv rode a blind horse named Danny when he was a child. I sure wish there had been a photo of Marv and his horse!

I think this may be Marv holding his firstborn. I will have to ask. Here it is raw.

In this photo I cropped it and took out some of the small leather kid boots. Which do you like better from an esthetic viewpoint.

I have 300 photos to go through from today. Many duplicates - I shoot, move the camera bit - the slightest angle change can catch a small detail missed in the previous. Not all are Marv related, as I have some new BoBunny projects I needed to shoot as well. On Monday you can come back for a "how to" on a new Christmas ornament being showcased on the BoBunny blog. Would love to have you visit again. Happy creating!


Nicole said...

Gorgeous work, Rita!! As far as the cropping goes, I like the last one the best. JMHO, though. Can't wait to see the album!

Lori Mar said...

Beautiful photos, Rita!

I like the last photo best. You can see the photo of Marv a little better, but still appreciate the boots.

Brittney aka Milmomma said...

Great pictures, nice job with your make shift studio! The second one is definitely the right choice in my eyes. The depth of field is in better reference to the boots, photo, and marbles.