Saturday, November 7, 2009

Amazing Starry Night

I wish I could have taken a photo this fabulous, but I didn't - no doubt, my equipment is not near as good as the pro who took the photo above - but I wanted to give you a glimpse of our view looking up tonight.

It is/was a spectacular, clear evening here in southern Wisconsin. I don't think I have seen the stars so bright in a very long time. The entire family went for a late afternoon walk. Jesse had been painting the house all day, and by the time he wrapped it up it was too late to get the grill going to cook the chicken. (I don't do the grill, and pasta alfredo doesn't taste as good unless the chicken is grilled.) With dinner plans rather foiled, we decided to walk to and eat at Culver's, and burn the calories coming home. Kyle was not prepared for the temperature drop after the sun went down. Fortunately friends live not far from Culver's so we knocked on their door to borrow a sweatshirt for him to wear home.

We stopped a couple of times on the way home to just look up - even within the town limits the stars demanded to be noticed. (Didn't hurt that a couple of street lights were out either.) I could clearly make out the Big Dipper and its smaller counterpart, as well as the grouping known as 7 sisters, or Pleiades.

When we all got home we decided to blow up the air mattress and put it on the deck. There Abby and I laid down to gaze up in soft comfort - how nice of the guys to tought it on the hard surface. It was quite chilly and even the blanket on Abby could not keep her out there more than 15 minutes - but it sure was an awesome display of God's wonders.

I could clearly see shapes in the sky, the stars connecting for a divine game of dot to dot. Looking at the "star" book later in the house, I know that I spotted Aquarius, Triangulum, and Pegasus. I sure don't see wings in that one, but I did see a body, arched neck and two hing legs. Never before in my life have I been able to actually pick out constellations. It was also cool to see the two moons near Jupiter, wtih the aid of binoculars.

I hope Sunday is as clear, now that I have my constellation book out star gazing will be more exciting for the kids. We do have an action packed Sunday, however, so we star gazing may not come about. In addition to church, a baby shower, and working on a BoBunny layout, I hope to do a test portrait run at Marv's home. His new grandson from Oklahoma is visiting with his family, and it would be nice to get a three generation photo. It would also be a good test run for the Weds. morn portrait session. Kyle starts Life Group tomorrow evening as well - we're still trying to figure out logistics on that shuffle.

Have you been dazzled by the universe of stars lately? Next time you have a clear night take time to notice - you will be amazed! Speaking of amazement...just wait until you see what some of the BoBunny designers have created for some upcoming November reveals. You WILL be dazzled!

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