Monday, June 23, 2008

Woo hoo!! Cosmo -did you notice??

I just cannot help but shout out...just in case Cosmo Cricket is still deciding upon the 12 finalists for their design team...

I just got home, logged on and my friend Detta brought this to my attention:
Creating Keepsakes home page

Not that really stokes me, even if I am not selected, having Erin pick my Little Miss Sunshine layout as the CK page of the day totally MAKES MY DAY! I've already submitted the idea to print publishers...not let's hope someone likes my idea enougth to pick it up.

I just love Rockin' the Cosmo Cricket and I hope I will get a chance to show you what I have up in that ever thinking creative little mind of mine! (LOL)


myfrogprince said...

congrats Rita on being pick of the day! How exciting! I just love the window.

Julie O. said...

Congrats, Rita!! That is one cute page!