Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Activities

Yesterday was Father's Day, and Kyle had picked out an awesome super soaker for his dad - one that even squirts water out the side so you can hide behind a corner!
I scrapped the layout above using the Summer Collaboration kit by Busy Bee and MLW Designs at kjoi Studios. The colors are awesome and I have lots of summer photos from last summer to scrap yet! This layout was actually created last week, and Jesse is using my super soaker. I professed the need to take pictures, and thus stayed dry - wasn't quite warm enough to get soaked, IMO!

Water gun fights are a part of our family summer fun. We also hope to get in our EasySet pool, that is if our outdoor plumbing is ever fixed so we can use it! It is cool today, after all those storms, but the heat will be here soon! I also made sure we have our fishing licenses, and look forward to catching those little bluegills, and whatever. Kyle hopes for bigger game fish this year.

Last summer I vowed to learn how to do the fishing thing...I know single moms who take their kids fishing, and figured that I should buck up and do it so I could take Kyle fishing when his dad is too busy. Baiting the hooks was not so bad, although those red worms are aptly named "wigglers"! When a hook gets swallowed though - that is when I have problems. Fortunately I took the kids fishing at our friends lake house, and Shawn was kind enough to help if we had a fish that was too hungry. I have not yet learned how to tie a hook on the line, and I suppose I better if we need to cut one loose.

CHA is also coming up - VERY SOON! July 17-20. Are you going? Fiskars can use my help at their booth, and it would be a lot of fun, and I really want to meet the Fiska-Leads and others from the message boards. I have some money saved up for a scanner that no doubt will end up going for my expenses if I do go to CHA - so am very much looking for a room mate. Give me a holler if you are going and need to share expenses!

On the Fiskars friend Paula, from Elgin, and her mom (also a Rita) are coming through Madison on the way to May's Fiskars crop in St. Paul this coming weekend. We've been wanting to meet since she joined the board, and this Friday we are getting a tour of Fiskars headquarters in Madison! I am so looking forward to meeting the people who work so hard behind the scenes and getting a glimpse beyond the "goose pond". (LOL) Apparently all the leads are coming to Madison, as well, but not until later on Friday and they have no breather in the schedule to meet up with us. One more reason I really hope to go to CHA!

Congrats to the ladies who just made the My Little Shoebox Design Team. I disocvered MLS at CHA in Chicago last year and was totally blown away by their product. If you look back in my archives to July 2007 I featured the company on my of those small, lesser known manufacturers. I hope they find a way to get more traffic to their booth this year, and I wish my store would carry their product!

Cosmo Cricket is also having a DT call. My friend Julie brought it to my attention, and I don't know...even though I don't seem to have any luck getting on a mfr. DT I will probably give Cosmo a shot because you cannot get on a team if you don't apply - and I really love their product lines! I bought me a blackboard mini album last week which will go so well with the Hello Sunshine papers I fell in love with weeks ago. The ideas are all up in my head - I hope to share it with you soon!

PS: Have you checked out Cory and Kimmie's new blog - Use Your Stash! I have it linked - if you are like me there is plenty of stash that needs to be scrapped! Check it out!

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