Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm really LEANING right now...

..on God that is. I am leaning, learning, trusting. Giving it all up to Him, or at least trying to. I know that He can close a door as easily as He opens it. I admit it leaves me a bit confused...why was it opened in the first place? It gave me lots of hope, and with that hope my brain kicked in to full gear, full of ideas ...it was exciting just thinking about it. It all seemed like such a perfect fit for who I am and what I do best, and I know I would have rocked it. But the door has been closed, and I know it is going to be okay. God IS in control...and I can lean on Him when life throws me a curve.

How is your life? Is everything on the fast-paced, straight and narrow path? Or has a curve been tossed into the equation? You know what you have to do when you come to a curve, right? Slow down! Or you will never make it safely around the bend. So I am going to slow down, take a DEEP BREATH, go with the flow, and TRUST.
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:4-6

I came here to blog - my writing therapy, and wondered what layout I could possibly share that would go with my feelings this night. I created "Curve" as a light-hearted, fun layout, and certainly did not intend for it to accompany a post of when I am feeling "a bit" disappointed. But God put the image of this layout in my head and I know it is what He wants me to share with you. WorldWin sponsored the Scrapbook Playground design team this month, and their Double Mates cardstock is featured - it is great cardstock to work with. Being that it is two sided, it is easy to coordinate colors on a project. I took the photo on a trip to the zoo last year...I kind of wish Mr. Flamingo had had his beak side to the camera, but that's ok - I love the curve of his (or her) neck, the colors in the plummage, and how despite the noise of people and mid-day activity this bird could tuck in his beak and take a nap. Talk about slowing down on the curve! (LOL)

This layout also shows my first attempt at making a 90 degree turn with the Fiskars Threading Water border punch. Not bad, but not perfect. A trick I discovered after the fact is that by turning my punch upside down before making the adjoining 90 degree punch, I could line up the holes perfectly. I am also fishing for other tips on accomplishing this on the Fisk-a-teer board, and I will be sure to share anything I find out. For the price of die-cut papers a punch that can accomplish the same look will pay for itself many times over.

My title play was rather unplanned...just kind of went with it and thought that using a mix of geometric shapes would be interesting... and interesting it is, but not sure that it would be considered a balanced design. (LOL) What do you think of it? Not sure where my head was when I started cutting and punching circles, but at any rate, it is more interesting than a straight-lined rectangular strip of cardstock. I've always been a fan of curves in my designs - I like the flow, and the circle shape has lots of great symbolism behind it.

I am not sure I like curves in my life, however. But I know we are thrown a curve every once in a while so we can take a step back from our busy lives, reflect on all that is truly important, lean on the Lord, and thank Him for His blessings. All that we pray for and desire will be made known to us in God's timing, and in the meantime, I will quote Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music, "When God closes a door He opens a window." I pray that it is so.


Kathleen said...

I think the circle works beautifully with the curve of Mr. Flamingo's neck. It's a beautiful page.

Thanks for providing the Proverb. It was perfect for me.

I'll be back for more inspiration in your art, your words, and your heart.

Dettao said...

hugs to you. God will point you in the right direction soon. I know it.

Lynn Anne said...

Not bad at all with that 90 degree turn - and what a beautiful beautiful page/concept!