Tuesday, December 11, 2007

White Simplicity

Today's snowflake ornament is simple, and mimics a true snowflake, of which we saw many today. We had a snow/ice day, and although I thought I would find time to write up instructions for all my ornaments, it did not happen. BUT I did finish a few more that I look forward to sharing later on.

Simplicity lends itself to mass production if needed. Our 5 year old assisted with making a number of white snowflakes, and they will be used for school and Sunday School teachers. When you do not know a person well enough to know their color preference, white is always acceptable, and adding sparkle for Christmas mimics that which we see in nature.

• Magistical Memories 4” snowflake shape
• Silver snowflake medallion (Target -stationary aisle – by Garner Industries)
• Acrylic Paint
• Perfect Pearls by Ranger Industries
• Sparkle Mod Podge
• Crystal fine glitter by Glitterex Corp. (Michael’s)
• Silver wire ribbon - Offray

How To
1. Paint chipboard white
2. for 2nd coat add white Perfect Pearls to paint and recover snowflake for shimmer
3. Use foam brush and paint on mod podge
4. Place glitter in a shallow dish and place ornament wet side down, pressing lightly
5. Shake off excess and return glitter to original container
6. Allow to dry completely
7. Punch hole on one branch to allow for hanger
8. Feed ribbon, or other, through and tie into a bow
9. Add metal snowflake shape to center

The DT Classroom for Scrapbook Playground on Wednesday will feature this Pageframe ornament:


trace-e said...

so pretty!!!

Nancy said...

oh, wow! These ornaments are gorgeous! Where can I get my hands on some????