Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Santa...

Ah...the final days. Working for a church, I am so relieved the Christmas worship bulletins are "put to bed". I am way behind on all the end of the year stuff, and newsletter, etc. - but I am not going to think about it and have it ruin my Christmas. I am going to enjoy my four days off with family, and finish getting ready for Christmas.
I've been scrapping like crazy making gifts. Shopping is done, but nothing has been wrapped, but for the teacher's gifts which had to go out the door this morning. I've been up into the wee hours for weeks, so tomorrow morning - I am sleeping in - YEAH!
Last night our son wrote this letter for Santa - said it did not need to be mailed, but wanted to leave it by the tree. I thought it was pretty cute. Can you read through his mis spellings? Don't ya just love that last line - ah yes, the truth!!

I admit - we are not traditional when it comes to leaving Santa Xmas cookies and milk. Kyle has always had Santa's health in mind and figures all those cookies are not good for him. In reality, I think he is more concerned that the reindeer are treated as well. We have always left baby carrots and a water bottle near the tree for Santa. The way Kyle sees it, the reindeer like the carrots too, and the Vit. A will help Santa see in the dark so he doesn't trip over things. I love the way kids think!

Want to see some samples of what has been keeping me up these past few nights? I decided to make some bookmarks for co-workers, which blossomed into bookmarkers for teachers, child care providers, etc. For such small things - they are time consuming. Mostly because I really have to fiddle with the kerning, etc. on the Scriptina font to get it just so, and coordinating products and attemping to use scraps of PP or cardstock when possible...well, the minutes tick by! Even my husband commented on how much he likes of course I need to make him one as well. I am sure he doesn't read my blog so it is safe to say that.(LOL)

Maybe this little project will inspire you to get out your nature photos and create some inspirational bookmarkers for the readers on your giving list. In these last few days I wish you, and myself, as little stress possible as we juggle all on our to do list. 'Tis the season!


Lynn Anne said...

I love the way your bookmarks came out, Rita - just gorgeous! Love the baby carrots for the reindeer, too, and that he's offering to clean the living room (that's what the 'we' meant, right? ;) ) - he sounds so thoughtful!


Mary Leeson said...

What lovely bookmarks, Rita, and of course so inspirational-love 'em! Blessings to you and family too!!