Friday, November 30, 2007

Blessings of Thanksgiving

Ahhhh! A chance to scrap again! It felt so good to do this after an intense week playing mom nurse for our youngest who has influeza. I was able to scrap a layout of my 2007 blessings, which I wrote initially for The Blessing Box, but thought an AAM layout was a good idea as well. I won a collection of paper's from Flair (thank you Flair Designs!) from a contest posted on their blog.

I had lots of fun playing with Magistical Memories chipboard. I love that this chipboard is flexible enough and of a thickness that allows you to manipulate and alter it with little effort. I used frames from Nested Hearts to frame in a word on the patterned paper, and also created an accent piece. I used thin strips of paper to wrap around the frame shape, using tacky glue as I went. A tear here and there adds even more texture and the strips overlapped. I finished with a coating of mod podge sparkle medium - and the result in real life is just dazzling. Give it a try!

Isn't this turkey adorable? It was so funny how the inspiration came...I was looking in my clear pocket folder through all my MM chipboard, and a package of Sensational Dot flowers was sticking up behind some other packages. I saw only the top three petals, and immediately thought "turkey tail!". I proceeded to cut off the rest of the petals and made an adorable turking. Leaves from Flair PP provided the wings, and a little sparkle medium just adds to his charm. Now I realize I gave a Tom Turkey pretty eyelashes, but hey - I was doodling and having fun, and did not realize until I was done that hey - turkeys with pretty tails are all boys! (LOL) Oh well, with art there are no rules, right?

I am thrilled to get my blessings into a layout before November is completely gone. This year we joined a new church, it was a hard decision but so right for us. After Abby's accidnet I wondered who would pray for her, and was so blessed to seem my bible study group and her Sunday school leaders rally to be her prayer warriors. And of course there is Marv and Carol, our greatest prayer warriors who meet with us every Monday night for bible study. It is the best night of the week.

As I was in the surgical waiting area while Abby was having her arm fixed, I was reminded on how blessed we were that she only suffered a broken arm. Praise God! One of my greatest blessings this year was Kyle's attitude of helpfulness and wanting to learn. He asked if he could scrub the kitchen floor - oh yeah! He is learning to cook, do laundry, and was my greatest hero while we cleaned out the flower beds for fall and he did ALL the heavy lifting. Our children are such a blessing! And although my husband is not mentioned in my 2007 blessing layout - he is my greatest blessing of all. A pillar of faith and strength and getting us through difficult times. I am excited about the blessings 2008 will bring.
Enjoy preparations for the season of rejoicing, and keep on scrapping and loving!

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Dettao said...

Love that turkey! He is adorable.