Monday, November 5, 2007

Build it...and they WILL come!

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for us. The church, Blackhawk, moved into its new building. Fortunately for us, the new location is half the distance to our home. We love that fact!

We left early. In the past we attended the first service at 8:00, but in the new location the number of services are reduced due to larger worship venues. Both the main sanctuary and the video cafe, which attracts the younger generations, are about double in size. Our new service time is now at 9 a.m., which is a blessing as we actually have time to relax and feed the kids before worship on Sundays.

I admit we were a bit surprised by the number of people and crowds already gathered on the lower level to check children into early childhood ministries. The lines were long, there was some computer glitches, but "geek angels" were right there getting things worked out. We made it upstairs to the sanctuary with 15 min. to spare, and really had to go looking for a two seat opening. A sign of things to come? We actually had a third seat, and were happy to see our friend Rick, whom often sits with us at the old location. You know how people kind of get used to "their spot" in the church pews, well, this was a whole new ball game. With people from the first two services combined there were many new faces. I would guess that the entire row in front of us was comprised of college aged students - the number of young people was really amazing.

Even more so, was that the place kept filling. People were asked to move to the center of the rows, just like we did in "project CRAM" at the Whitney Way location. The main sanctuary filled. The video cafe filled up as well. Prepared or not, the gym was set up for the overflow. After worship it was announced that over 300 people were in the gymnasium - standing room only. WOW! I got teary eyed - God is so moving in this place and it is my prayer that the heart of every individual, even those who are coming out of curiousity to see the huge building that had been under construction for the past 18 months, be touched by God's love. Blackhawk has and continues to be a place for seekers. It is a place where mission has, and continues to be, at the forefront of its value system - taking care of the poor both locally and abroad. It is a place to grow in relationship with our Lord and Saviour. The walls of the building may have changed, but the Christ's Church, the people of God, have not. The same hearts, the same giving spirits, the same souls hungry for God's infallible Word, will be coming through the doors each and every day of the week. Blackhawk continues to build a loving communiity in order to reach a community that is lost without Him - no matter where the walls are planted. Blackhawk is NOT a huge building off of Mineral Point Road, it is people.
Yesterday, during worship, God replanted an idea in my head for adoption ministry that I had had years ago. I never knew what to do with my idea, but as Pastor Chris talked about the builidng simply being a tool for ministry, the path became much clearer. I really don't know where to start, so I please ask for your prayers that He will guide me and point me in the direction I am to go to follow His call.

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nancyg said...

Wow! Your church sounds amazing, Rita! I love the "geek angels"...too funny! Good luck with your adoption ministry! Sounds great! God Bless!