Friday, November 2, 2007

Celebrations!! Welcome November

October is over - how it flew past!! All of our family celebrations have made me look forward the quiet month of November. (Ha - time to start making those Christmas gifts!)

Tomorrow, November 3 is National Digital Scrapbooking day - and you know what that means? HUGE specials and freebies from Kjoi Studios! Please stop by and see what the Kjoi designers have been making - you won't be disappointed!

Guess what? This morning Abby was helping me create a digital page! Yep, 5 years old - a digi scrapper in the making. She thought it was lots of fun to use the mouse and drag and drop elements onto my layout. I pointed, she dropped them there, and even held the mouse clicker down to move it back and forth to get it just where I wanted. NOW that is a tidy way of scrapbooking with the young ones in your family. Give it a try!

October flew, as I mentioned. I had very much wanted to share a tribute page I made to honor two special ladies in my life, but wasn't able to. In honor of breast cancer survivors everywhere, I wanted to share my aunt's testimony about the healing power of faith and prayer. My cousin is also an inspiration, dealing with a number of physical ailments. These two women are living examples of perseverance.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness I also altered a cute Campbell's soup can into a pencil holder, complete with glittering angel of hope! When I saw these cans I fell in love with the pink label, and we needed a new pen holder by the computer. The angel shape is from Magistical Memories, and are sold as a fund-raiser for Crystle's nephew Rhys who is battling cancer. It just seemed a great use for Rhys' angel to be a symbol of hope for women. I used my Crop-o-Dile, which most often sits in a drawer, to punch holes in the can and weave ribbon around the upper edge. I hope you like it as much as I do!

I managed to scrap quite a few pages in October, what with challenges at various sites and a month long crop at the Scrapbook Playground. I haven't added up how many pages total, but likely more than a dozen. I had my first pet, and letter sized, scrapbook page picked up last week by Simple Scrapbooks for their March/April issue. Kyle is thrilled that his lovebird will be featured in a magazine. The editor sent me some fun and interesting questions to answer. Of course, having raised parrots, my answers kind of became a 101 class in parrot psychology. I will be curious to see what makes it into print. (LOL)

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