Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Before I get into my chit chat I want to thank Creativity Unbound, and my sweet friend Elly, for asking me to be a guest designer this month as the site features Magistical Memories chipboard. Since I see CU has linked to my blog I figured my post from last week needed an update, using a layout featuring the much loved BBQ chipboard. The layout above was one of my entries for the last Hall of Fame - I think it has come "out of the closet" once. I used a combo of inks and pens on the chipboard leaves. I have to admit the maple leaf in the center of the layout was made by yours truly, as at the time MM did not offer a maple leaf. I am happy to say that they now do - so this fall I shall not be in want of any leaf shapes - MM has them all!

With no doubt in my mind, fall is my favorite time of year. This past weekend the weather was PERFECT! I had had a particularly stressful day at work, and Friday night Jesse had the perfect solution to calm my spirit. He build a fire in the pit out back and the four of us sat around the fire. We roasted marshmallows, and made smores of course, but we also listened to sounds that go bump in the night in the woods, and wondered aloud what creatures those might be. I love the challenge of roasting the perfect marshmallow - the trick is to avoid active flames, and find a spot with low, glowing red embers. I call that the "sweet spot" in the fire - and the fun is to claim spot before anyone else does. Of course I am roasting for Abby too, so I am not being totally selfish. (LOL)
After the fire pit and putting Abby to bed I joined Kyle and Jesse out front where Jesse had set the telescope up on the platform we had had the pool on during the summer. It's nice to know we can get a bit more than one season's use out of this slab of wood in the middle of our hillside lawn. Star gazing was wonderful - the perfect night cap.
On Sunday we went out to Blue Mounds, WI - which is just as the name implies. It must be one of the most picturesque areas in southern Wisconsin to go. We climbed both lookout towers for the view. For a bit there I think Kyle was feeling not so well, being over the tree tops - but he pulled it together and enjoyed the view. No one wanted to stay up there as long as I did, clicking away on the shutter, I don't think heights are loved by the rest of my family. It was a brisk morning and we were all underdressed, but for Abby. I had the sense to put polar fleece on her, but left my jacket at home. The guys just didn't think it was cold enough for a jacket, but once we are out from the protection of the hill on our property - the fact is - there is WIND!
While at Blue Mounds we met two men. A younger man walking with an older gentleman using a cane. We were asked to take their picture. As we were ready to descend the 2nd tower they had just made it to the top. They took our photo - it's nice to be in a photo for a change.

I then offered to take theirs and asked a few questions. The younger man, who apeared to have Eskimo ethnicity, had told us earlier that he was from Fort McMurray, Canada - which is in northern Alberta. I asked how long he was here for and some other questions. It turned out the younger man, who had gone to the U.W., was visiting his old college professor from 13 yrs. ago. I thought it was really cool that a former student would spend the time and travel and come that far to visit a former instructor. Obviously the two had bonded, and I thought it was a great life story. I would have loved to have scrapped the picture of the two men, they were such contrasts to one another, but to request would no doubt seem most odd.
While in Blue Mounds we stopped at Brigham Park nearby, which just happened to have a Rendevous camp in progress. Kyle is a history buff, so when we saw all the tee-pees we knew it was sheer fortune. We had a wonderful time exploring the lodges and learning some things about frontier life. I took this photo, which I love, but have no clue yet as to how I might scrap it.

Sunday was spent in an apple orchard. Hay ride, picking apples, coming home to make fresh apple crisp and enjoyng fresh cider. I have over 200 photos from the weekend so that should keep me scrapping for a while. Right now I am in the middle of the huge task of deciding which photos to have printed, and then look for a good print sale.(LOL)
I scrapped very little this past weekend, too busy making memories with my family; and that is really what the journey is all about!

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