Monday, October 8, 2007

I need a makeover!

An organizational one, that is! I've often wished that if I could afford to hire anyone, it would be a team to come in and totally reorganize my scrap area - or perhaps make it a real one with uniform storage units, a place for everything, etc. I used to have that of sorts, thanks to Sterlite drawers, but I have outgrown my space. Now, no comments on that...I am using my old stuff too! I have also reduced my shopping greatly as I know I need to use what I have.

So anyhow, I spent 2 days searching for ants. Why is it that in spring I can't get the darn things out of my house until I take drastic action, but when I want my ant stickers - held in my hand 2 weeks ago...I couldn't find them? Well, as it turns out the stickers were in the proper bin, I just needed to go through it a 4th time, and I admit, I need glasses. That's on the 2008 agenda.

I completed the layout above using new product from Around the Block for the Scrapbook Playground this month - man I love their buggy paper and brads!! Lots of uses for that in our house! This layout is for Abby's album. She is so much a shadow of her older brother, and in this case having great interest in the ant hill that resides in our front lawn. The kids spent weeks taking out foods - starburst candies left from Halloween, and also healthy foods, such as apple cores and things meant for the compost pile.

As I created this LO my skin felt like it was crawling - Stickopatamus did a great job creating realistic looking ant stickers. It seemed like the buggers were crawling around on my page, but there again, I must have been tired or it is because I need glasses and things tend to go blurry as of late. The only thing this LO is missing is a real magnifying glass - would love to have one over that close up photo. (LOL)

There was an incident with glue the evening I made this LO. Fortunately the LO had not a drop, but for a path of ten feet or so in our basement, it did not fare so well. It did add some excitement to the evening and jolt the guys out of their Playstation trance for a while! (LOL) Kyle got a new Star Wars PS2 game for his birthday - and this was the 2nd night for he and Jesse playing it - they did not see the glue coming at them until it whizzed buy. There is something to be said for Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Glue -it really lives up to its name!

I am planning to get a lot of old pictures scrapped this month - working on challenge LOs with "lightening speed". We will see how many I can do amidst the planning for birthday parties, anniversaries and such. I love October -but do rather wish every family celebration was not in the same month. On the other hand, I think it is kind of special that October is host to many beginnings in our lives. Happy Croptober!

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