Thursday, September 27, 2007


Two posts in one day? You bet! I could not wait to show you the pic I got tonight. It was awesome. Kyle happened to look out the window and told us to come look. The moon was coming up over the horizon in a blaze of red. I tried to take a pic without the tripod as it came over the horizon. Impossible. By the time I got the tripod and set it up the moon had risen above the horizon, but I still think it is pretty with wisp of clouds passing through. I also thought it interesting that as the moon rose the corn field became more illuminated, but of course that makes sense when you consider it becomes brighter as it rises in the sky. (OK - Jesse explained the reasoning behind that as I thought later pics would be more dark - as in dark outside -duh) Anyhow, wanted to share - it is the last full moon in September - officially a harvest moon! Of course I already have a title for my layout!

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