Friday, June 1, 2007

Helllooo! Anyone there?

Life can put a real kink in your neck, but it is worth it! Yesterday I couldn't turn my neck right or idea why, but put my call into my wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Joe. No one was there, but later was set up with an appointment. Didn't stop me from scrapping though...I had fun working on some more layouts using Glitz papers - turning my neck is really not needed. (LOL)
When I went to my appointment it turned out I haven't seen my chiropractor since February - wow! As I figured, my pelvis and hips were so out of alignment that everything worked its way up to my neck...funny how the spine is in charge of so many things. I was adjusted, went home and iced my neck - which felt GOOD.

I can't help but wonder why insurance companies don't help with payments on maintenance adjustments. I know that if I were adjusted once every 6 weeks that my body would stay pretty well tuned up. Did you know we need tune ups just like a car? We can't operate smoothly without an alignment now and then. We simply can't afford the cost of maintenance, however, so I wait until I am in such bad shape that I have to see Dr. Joe 2-3 times a week for a month or more. Sometimes health insurance makes no sense at all.

I couldn't play badminton with Kyle on the sloped lawn last night (no wonder my hips are out of whack...trying to run on uneven ground is not the best for me!), and I told Abby she could no longer straddle my neck and sit there while we watched a show. As small as she is, the girl insists on "beating" up on mom. I took a pain killer and enjoyed WATCHING Kyle play badminton with his dad. But, then I remembered that the boys had spotted a robin's nest, a chick had hatched, and I wanted a photo.

I grabbed the camera, went out back and with Kyle's help found the nest. The beauty of digital is you can aim the camera above (when you are too short to reach the subject), click, check the LCD screen to see how you did, and take a few more shots until your subject is where you want. I think the results are pretty good, eh? The photo makes me laugh with that wide open beak...yet it also reminds me of God's everyday miracles. The hungry 2 day old robin instinctively opens his beak wide when a branch or leaf moves, expecting that his mama has returned with a yummy morsel of food. Meanwhile, mama chirped in protest at my intrusion. I was quick - three shots and I was out of there. Rather than go through the overgrowth, I decided to walk the ledge of the block wall. Not far off the ground, 18 inches or less (I'm not crazy).

I would have made it, too, if it weren't for a hose that came out of no where, and tripped me up. Down I went - scraped up a thigh and landed hard on the other knee. Blood was minimal, scrapes not too bad...and hopefully the stains will come out of my favorite capris. "Murphy's Law", Dr. Joe said this morning when I told him he would have to start over on my adjustments. Oh well...hopefully by the end of the week my body will be tuned up so I can sleep better at night. I love the photo though - it was worth it.
Maybe insurance companies should invent a camera with a periscope for people, like me, who like to take photos of subjects way over our heads. Hey! what a great idea, huh?


Kimmie said...

Beautiful pic Rita!! Glad your feeling better...i sooo know the feeling. Imagine being like that everyday...(thats me)

Kimmie said...
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Dawn said...

I completely agree with you about the insurance! I've had whiplash a few times plus falling (twisting while I did it to protect my 2yo's head from hitting the bathroom sink) and tearing a muscle in my back. Even with all that, the insurance won't pay for me to see the chiro unless I reinjure myself. Last time I went to one was over 5 years ago because I just couldn't afford the $60/visit. Recently, I discovered massage though and that's helped a LOT. Not as good as getting things readjusted but it loosens the muscles enough to let things work back where they should be. (And it's a WHOLE lot cheaper than the chiro. I usually do 1/2 hour for about $20.)

Marti said...

Fabulous pic Rita! Take care of yourself and stop walking along ledges.

k-joi studios said...

Rita! What a wonderful photo! We have a birds nest in our crepe myrtle tree and I can't wait for the babies to hatch! ~ Kara Jones

Katie Jones said...