Monday, June 4, 2007

Glitz in the Journey!!!

Wow - I feel like I had a very productive day!! And week as far as that goes! Last Saturday I received my Glitz Design products from Ginger and Laura. I was very excited to get creative with them and managed a half dozen layouts from the 7 sheets of patterned paper and index sized, cool cards. I love the GlitzNetz and wish I had a piece of black right now, to work into one of my Making Memories Masters layouts. I have enough left over patterned paper scraps, and plan to squeak out some thank you cards for the teachers this week - better be getting to that project fast!

The Glitz product arrived last Saturday. I started creating as fast as I could, knowing a DT for this great new company was no doubt in the making. I was hoping in the back of my mind that I could showcase Glitz product well enough to pique their interest in myself as a designer, but alas, the Glitz team of talented designers was announced a few days ago, and time was simply not on my side. But that is okay - I know God puts me where He wants me to be, and He has opened doors of opportunity in recent months that I am very excited about.

I truly came out on top with my Glitz prize package. Not only did I create some layouts I love , I, at very last, added some FUN to my blog! Do you like the music? Or do you find it distracting while you read? Curious about that.

My friend Emine, who won the other prize package, said the Glitz gals checked out her blog. I thought "oh no - mine is SO not interesting!" I write a lot, but it has no pizazz. Today I figured out how to add links, and more are to come no doubt. I was just thrilled to finally do this. The reality of it is that it wasn't all that is simply taking the time to do it. I admit, I have so much fun creating layouts and playing with patterned paper that I have a hard time dragging myself away to do anything related to computer housekeeping. Glad I did it, however! Thanks to Ginger and Laura for the push, even though they know nothing about it! (LOL)

NOW to see if I can show you a slide show of all six of my Glitz layouts. Let's see if this works!

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R2K said...

: )

Marti said...

This is great Rita! Now I need to figure it out.

RoriK said...

OMG your photo of the baby bird is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Love it!!

Erin said...

Rita- I love what you've done with our Glitz products! You are so talented! Keep checking our blog and website for future opportunities!