Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Away with mundane children's portraits!

I love the deals at Kohl's. Abby has a closet full of hand me downs, but once in a while I like to splurge and buy her something new. Splurge, in the most frugal sense of the word. Sundresses were 50% off plus I had a 20% off coupon - racks of cute dresses could be had for $7! I chose one, but Abby had spotted one she wanted, and vetoed my choice. So I made a deal ...I would get the dress she wanted if she let me take pictures of her, without her hands in front of her face which has become the norm - taking after her dad when a camera comes out. She agree, I bought the dress.

Did I mention that I had just received Prima papers for a design team, and while at Kohl's I realized the dress was a perfect match for the papers. One reason I caved so quickly on her dress choice. To make it even more sweet, I attended a wedding shower this past Saturday and potted flowers were being offered as prizes. I brought home a beautiful salmon pink daisy - you guessed it -perfect photo prop!

Sunday I took photos...cooperation lasted about 3 frames. Out of all my shots I really only captured one nice photo with a NATURAL, as opposed to forced smile. Obviously it is the focal point photo in my layout shared above.

Not to let all the "bad" shots go to waste, I creatively cropped a few and used a great Magistical Memories circle border to frame accent photos. I embossed the frame with black powder for a cool effect. I love how black pops off the corals in the Prima papers. I really do need to hang this layout on the wall. Away with the standard issue, boring children's framed portraits. Scrapbooking on the wall is my new thing... and if you want me to do something for you, let's talk! Why hide all those great family photos and memories in a scrapbook, or worse, a box? Get your life out on a wall, and make your home really a part of who you are!



Thomisia said...

gorgeous LO! I love the circles.

BTW, you've been tagged.


Mary Leeson said...

Thanks for blessing me with this beautiful layout. What a darling daughter you have!!

Samantha said...

ooooh! So pretty!
Beautiful little girl, pretty dress, pretty paper, pretty flower! What more could you ask for!?! Great page!