Saturday, December 4, 2010

Candids are sometimes best...

Thanksgiving weekend we had the chance to visit with my sister-in-law, her husband and see how much our godson, Jed, has grown. He will be two in February, and as you can imagine, a formal family portrait was not something he wanted to sit still for.
My favorite photos were obtained later, as I noticed him interested in the fireplace. I thought I would share them with you, because hey - he is SO cute!

I am very much in the Christmas spirit, how about you? Christmas shopping is done, and I could stop decorating now and be fine with it. Now I am helping my single brother, my mom and my husband's mom with some shopping. Oh, and I added some things in my last shopping card for the cousins on my in-laws side to give the kids. Guess that makes it easier for everyone, but what I really think would be wonderful is if we would cease the gift exchange totally.
My side of the family is doing this this we were encouraged by Advent Conspiracy to bring it up. Times are tough for many, including my nieces and nephews out on their own or those looking for jobs. Christmas should be joyful - it's about the little ones and spending time together as family. In lieu of the gift exchange we're going to play board games in that time slot. AND have our white elephant gift exchange which is always a hoot - no purchase allowed - it must be something from your house. The white elephant exchange is always a highlight of our Christmas gathering.
We're having a dinner party on the 19th for friends who are alone for the first time this Christmas. I had hoped to make invitations today, but since that did not happen I am not going to stress myself. Instead, we will give them a verabl invite, or note, at church tomorrow. I am all about cutting stress out of the Christmas, afterall it is not Christress. (LOL)
Take time to enjoy the true meaninig of this season,

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