Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scrapbooking & Beyond - Fall Issue

Did I mention yet that I have three layouts in the fall issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond? Some of my friends asked where to pick up a copy - I know Barnes & Noble has carried this magazine. I love it - no other compares with great step by step instructions for every project.
Because of the in depth instructions I wrote for my 2 page layout, "Living in the Moment" the layout became more of a feature article in the issue, which apparently meant more money for me - as my check from All American Crafts arrived for much more than anticipated. It was a very happy surprise, and not only took care of my new camera lens, but also allowed me to get a GPS - no more getting lost!
I was hoping to share some images of the weekend photo shoots...but alas - the Acer monitor on the desktop computer went kaputt. Fortunately we bought it at Costco on 10/1/10 and took it back for store credit today...which allowed us to bring home a new monitor. Of course the same was not there - probably would avoid Acer anyhow, as I expect monitors to last well more than a year! We found a 23" Samsung HD TV/monitor displayed for the same price - and I did not mind losing an inch. When we checked out the woman said we owed $73, which made no sense as it should have come out even. She had to call for a price check, which confirmed that the monitor was shown for what we had said  - apparently the store signage was wrong! They honored their posted price of course - have to say Costco customer service has always bene great... and we came home with a new monitor which I can also hook up to the laptop to run my Powerpoint slides for Arbonne/women's health classes.
Once home we discovered there was not a cable included to hook up to our PC, so Jesse, bless his heart, ran into Best Buy as I really wanted to process the weekend photos, but the Geek Squad sent home the wrong cable. Jesse had noticed he did not type in HD on the model number, and apparently high definition does make a difference. Kind of a waste of my late afternoon, pegged for photo processing. Oh well, cleaning done so it just means shifting around my time management.
I have been busy filling my new scrapbooking cabinet that Jesse built me. The pull drawers are not yet done, which is where I plan to store my punches. Peg board needs to be hung on the insideof the doors as well...which will come. Meanwhile, I am  having no trouble filling it.

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