Friday, October 29, 2010

A Halloween Story By Abby


One day Cristafor and his friends, Liza and Madi, walked out of their houses and met at the end of a dark forest. It was silent.
Finally, Liza broke the silence. She said, "should we go in?"  Madi slowly nodded.
Cristahfor wasn't so sure about this, but he went in with the girls. It was really dark in the forest. Cristahfor was really afraid of the dark, but he knew he was with his friends, so he went on.
Suddenly, they heard a forest wolf. "RUN!!!!!", yelled Cristahfor.
But it was too dark to run back home. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" yelled Cristahfor.
"Hey, it's only my lantern," Liza said.
"Whew," thought Cristahfor.
"Where is the wolf?," asked Madi.
"Wolf? There is no wolf! It was only my voice doing wolf sounds!," laughed Liza.
"But how are we going to get home?," asked Cristahfor.
Liza spoke up, "My lantern!"
"Oh, yeah!," Cristafor and Madi said at the same time.
When they got home they went trick or treating. When they were done trick or treating they shared their candy with each other.


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KimR said...

What a spooktacular story, Abby! Hope you keep on writing!