Friday, May 23, 2008

Scrapping the NOW!

See that photo above? This is a daily occurence as Abby and I are out and about. Whether in a park, walking to the neighbor's, school, or at home...finding dandelions (which is NOT difficult) makes her extremely happy. The taller they are the happier she is - and there are some really BIG dandelions this year! She loves seeing a yard or park dotted with 100s-1000s of the yellow flowers, and gets excited to spot a "dandelion forest". It is so cute - and a reminder on how enjoyable the simple things in live can be.

I have scrapped about dandelions before...picking these yellow flowers is a part of childhood for just about everyone I would expect. I do wonder at what point in life do we no longer become enthralled with dandelions. Will it end by the time she is age 6? Since they bring so much delight I feel there is nothing wrong with scrapping a yearly dandelion layout, or two. (LOL)

This week I had the opportunity to work with two digi kits perfect for scrapping the fluffy, yellow flower subject. The layout above uses Misha's Garden by MLW Designs - the kit is just stunning with a great variety of elements. I love the softness of the greens in this basically monochromatic green layout with the POP accent color of cinnamon.I wrote a poem dedicated to my daughter called Dandelion Girl.

She looks for dandelions
Wherever we go -
Excited to find a "puffy"
She can't wait to blow.
Some are not too happy
That she's planting more seed;
But to this little girl
Dandelions are not weeds.
Given by the fistful
They're as beautiful as can be
When given with the love my
shows me.

R. Shimniok (copyright)

This week Kjoi introduced new designer Inspired by Dominic Designs who offered a freebie called "Dandelion Dreams". I was so excited to see it, and downloaded it right away eager to scrap these photos I had taken earlier that same day. Have you ever wanted to drop everything you are working on to scrap a brand new photo? That is how I felt with these photos of our daughter enjoying a common childhood love affair.

Also, a new activity around our place this week is Kyle's new found interest in archery. He wants to become as good as Lucy in the new Narnia release - Prince Caspian. (An awesome, awesome movie by the way - highly recommend it, especially for boys ages 5 and up. The lack of blood is on the unrealistic side, but it makes for a great family movie for the younger kids as well.)
We borrowed a compound bow and some arrows from Kyle's uncle, who fortunately had not given it away yet to St. Vinnie's. Kyle started target practice immediately upon getting home last Thursday, barely able to pull the 40# bow back all the way. He started using my arm weights right away to build muscle. (LOL) By the end of the weekend he was hitting the foam target, AND the center of the paper plate upon which he had created a target wtih circles and points. His dedication to learning this new sport will definitely keep him occupied this summer...and steer him away from video games. Below is a layout created using the My Kiddo kit by Izzy's Crisdam Designs at I love the rich colors of this kit and am eager to scrap other layout ideas with it. Check out the link for other great kits by Izzy.

We have an action packed Memorial Day weekend ahead. I will be too busy making memories with my family to scrap, but that is what life is really all about - making memories while we are on the journey. Enjoy making yours!

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rita! that is gorgeous! just checking in to say hi and i see you are super busy and creative as usual!