Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrating ALL Moms

Let's face it - May is the month for moms. A day is set aside to honor these valiant women for all their love and diligence in raising their children, and rightly so. Dad's get their turn next month!

On this psst Mother's Day nature reminds me that motherhood extends beyond our humanly realm - this time of year moms abound in the form of feathered and 4-legged varieties as well. I see foals suckling and scampering around the Amish farm as we visit my parents south of here. I found little tufts of fur in a clump of irises as I cleaned out a flower bed on Saturday - a sure sign that mama rabbit had made a nest there.

As we traveled to Madison's east side for dinner at Red Lobster (YUM!) on Sunday, we discovered a pond that happily provided a safe haven for a number of goose families. The pond even had little islands in the center - and I would think a goose could hardly pick a more safe place to raise their young.

A goose family with 6 goslings were patroling the edge of the parking lot and as we neared, mama goose put her head down and encouraged her children toward the safety of the water. Papa goose stood tall and warned us with a "Hissss!". So glad for the protection of the car as I rolled my window down to take pictures. It is not the best way to capture wildlife, but a wise way - I did manage several photos I love and am excited to get them scrapped. The first features Misha's Garden kit by MLW Designs, downloaded from KjoiStudios. The rich, and earthy colors are perfect for this mama goose and her gosling.

How was your mother's day? I found little notes written by my husband in "my regular places" ....i.e. taped to the back of my Sonic-care toothbrush, at church when I opened my Bible to the lesson of the day - each a nice surprise. I have yet to take pictures, but I better hurry as my toothbrush note is getting damaged from the water.

Our son made me a "magazine" at school featuring the "best mom of 2008" award and our 5 yr old made me a picture, or two, or three... (LOL) She also gifted me with some tulip petals that had fallen of the waning flowers outdoors, and of course the bright and fluffy dandelions - who could ask for more!? I hope your Mother's Day was filled with blessings as well!

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