Friday, May 30, 2008

More Fiska-Fun!!

So what tool do I find myself reaching for time and time again? Have you been noticing? It is none other than my Fiskars border punches! They don't even get put away - I have the case containing my punches opened and an arm's reach away while I create. With Fiskars border punches there is no excuse to be bored with straight paper edges - you can dress them up with a border punch!

I am sure you have noticed the workout I have been giving my "Threading Water" border punch - no doubt my very favorite. (Hey, did you hear the new buzz...keep an eye on your local Michael's - "Threading Water" has been spotted!) Another favorite is the "Leave it to Weaver" punch. Not only is it wonderful for weaving ribbon, but I really love the look of weaving patterned paper. A short while ago Valerie Salmon shared an innovative way to use the "Leave it to Weaver" punch. By trimming off the top, she essentially created a border of "grass". I totally scraplifted this clever idea above in "Flamingo", which features Tinkering Ink for the Scrapbook Playground. Abby's feet were cut off in the photo, to resolve the less than perfect photography oops, I cut her silhouette out of the photo, and placed her "feet" behind a triple layer of "grass" borders to disguise the fact. I think it also makes her more flamingo like, don't you? (LOL)

Abby was excited about this layout - she had chosen the pink flamingo stickers some time ago after a visit to the zoo. She totally amuses herself by striking a flamingo pose, and ensuring that we are watching her. Such a silly girl! Abby loves having input on her layouts - no doubt these are her favorites. So while you are enjoying your scrap time, once in a while ask the kids, if you happen to have some around, if they have layout ideas they would like to see about themselves, or if they have something they would like used on a layout. Afterall, they are on a journey as well - and you may as well let them write a bit of their own story when it comes to preserving those precious memories!

Happy scrapping....and hey, next time you are in yoga class...strike a pose - like a flamingo that is! (LOL)

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Stacey said...

This LO is seriously adorable! I love the TI papers on this!