Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hallmark dreams

Who needs Hallmark? In highschool I dreamed of working for the monster greeting card company. A career counselor directed me towards getting a degree in printing and publishing. Upon graduation I applied at Hallmark, and was told they were looking not only for writers, but individuals who had gifts of both poetry and commercial art.

Back then we did not have the aid of computers and programs like PhotoShop to help those of us who are not gifted completely in visual art. If I were not so set in my roots, maybe today I would apply to Hallmark once again…but with graying hairs I think I will stay put.

Scrapbooking our family memories has a few side effects… one of which is a pile of scraps composed of pretty patterns, rich solids, and bits and pieces of ribbon and other embellishments. It doesn’t take long to create a few greeting cards with these scraps. I have learned to make use of my time wisely, and while creating one card I may as well see what is on hand, and produce the same design in a variety of colors.

The hallmark of my cards, so to speak, are the words inside. It may be a short poem, a quote… usually something that is specifically written for the recipient. Words have always been my gift…and soon I will have the opportunity to fulfill a dream.

Yesterday I ventured into the new Crossroads Coffeehouse in our town with a friend. I wanted to check out the rotating art gallery that I had seen advertised in the open house ad. For the past couple of years friends have been encouraging me to have prints made of my nature photography, to mat and sell them. When I asked Mary, the owner, about bringing in some of my prints to display she asked me if I made cards. I told her that I was a scrapbooker, and yes, I do make cards. As it turns out Mary wants to offer individual cards for sale to her customers.

I was excited, and immediately began thinking of designs, products I would use, and even incorporating some of my nature photos into my greeting cards. Another reason for my excitement is the possible opportunity this presents in helping my niece to provide funds for her mission trips to Haiti. Mary offers free trade coffee in the store, organic food products and is ecology-minded. To make greeting cards and have a percentage of the proceeds benefit a 6th world country seems to fit right in. I can’t wait to get started on my new greeting card venture. I don’t need to live in Kansas City and work for a huge greeting card guru - I can use my God given gifts right here in small town Wisconsin, and make an impact in the world.

Seems when we least expect it God opens doors – I plan to walk through this one and not look back!

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