Saturday, February 3, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside!!

I love winter...but not the sub-zero temperatures we are getting. For one, it is too cold to scrapbook out in the unheated abyss of our unfinished basement. The kids don't seem to mind it...they can play down in the basement in their bare feet - even with these temperatures. Personally, I am spending the time in the warmth of the finished office, on the computer. In fact, I chose to play around in PhotoShop today to make a layout...the warmer scrapbooking alternative. The layout was created for a challenge at the scrapbook playground - all a part of their huge February event. The challenge was to be inspired by a favorite gum or candy wrapper. Not only was I inspired by the wrapper, but by the contents itself. Sorry to say, the models for this photo shoot did not live to see another day.

Jesse attended the "No Regrets" conference in Brookfield, Wisconsin today. He was out of the house before the rest of us awoke... so it was me and the kids. Kyle's basketball game was much better than last week. He was more relaxed and had fun. I hired a sitter for Abby, and I actually managed quite a few game photos today - hopefully some that will be scrapworthy.

After the game I stopped at the post office. Today was the day... I mailed off my Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest entry. I also had to mail some layouts off for the "doodling book". While that package was being processed, I kept looking at my HOF box, thinking I should take it back, open it up, and review everything again to be sure I hadn't forgotten anything. Paranoia... how quickly it can take hold. I had to mentally reassure myself that I already looked things over several times before, and to just "let it go".

I worked on it late into Friday night just to prepare it for submission, and free up the remainder of my weekend. I awoke this morning praying for my entry, and prayed several more times before it left my hands. I pray that God uses my Hall of Fame entry for His glory. Since our small town post office barely keeps Saturday hours, I had to go to the next larger town. So, no kissing the box good-bye, or chatting with the postal worker about its precious contents...just a regular ol' shipment as far as they're concerned. But I know better... a good portion of my waking hours of the past several months were in that box. Indeed... ideas that came to pass way back in October as soon as the assignments were released. I wasn't able to get all of my ideas done...but that's okay. Other contests ride the shirt tails of Hall of Fame!
This evening I attended a fund-raiser concert to help build an orphanage in Malawi, Africa. The musicians are all so talented, and I loved the praise and worship music. Unfortunately, my hip has been giving problems again, so I wasn't able to remain for the entire concert. It appeared that a lot of money had been donated in the free-will offering basket. It amazes me how far the American dollar will go in Africa. It would be such a blessing to have the new orphanage come to fruition as a result of this concert. I pray God's work continues...whether the journey is in the cold temperatures of Wisconsin, or in the sun warmed hills of Malawi. God's peace!


Kimmie said...

Good Luck Rita....

Lynn Anne said...

Good luck with your HOF entry!! What a thing to get that baby in the mail :) LOVE your kisses layout - I used to go to the Playground, but forgot it even existed at this point. OOPS! I'll have to head back and see what's going on if I can get a minute or three.