Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photo Mix and Family Update

I love the photography group at our church - and oh how I have missed it!! I have not been able to attend a meeting since May, changing my focus to launching my Arbonne business - it was fun to reconnect today. The group is great - several pros willing to help us amateurs grow in our skills. Each month we are given a photo challenge - this past month was to use natural lighting. Thought I would share some of the photos with you. Because I had not attended the last meeting, I did not realize the assignment had the word "portrait" attached to it. I just loved how the sunlight danced through the red glass of this humming bird feeder at our friend's lake home. My friend also has a Nikon D80 and they have a Sigma DC 18-200mm. I played with it and fell in love with the lens - it was so easy for me to bring it into focus.
You won't recognize all the kids in the photos belwo as two of the girls belong to our lake house hosts and another couple.
Our Photography BAG (Blackhawk Affinity Group) met to come up with our itinerary for the coing year. It was a beautiful afternoon to sit outside Yola's Cafe on Madison's far west side and brainstorm. We'll review some basics, discuss gear, and work on some advanced skills.  In addition to our monthly workshop we are hoping group members will take initiative to invite others to join them for photo shoots, perhaps having one member designated each month to initiate a group shoot and whomever can attend will. Wonder if ANYONE would have joined me this past February for my early morning hike along the Black Earth creek at -10 degrees to catch the world in frozen state? It was crazy I know, but the resulting photos were worth it. Next time I see a heavy evening fog, a most assured indication we will have an ice-encased world, I will send out an invite and see if there are any takers. (LOL)
School is now in full swing. Kyle has lots to share about his classes and his teachers, a good sign that he is enjoying school so far. He comes home and gets right to his homework, and is self-disciplined enough to know that homework before any gaming. It's hard to believe he is ALMOST 13 - best part, he still talks to us!! Friday evening we went on a family picnic and then he wanted to stop at Crossroads Coffeehouse so he could finish sharing about his day. How many pre-teens want to do that with their parents on a Friday night? What a blessing that is - and I will enjoy it while it lasts - of course I hope it always does!
Kyle continues to be our history buff. When asked what he wants for his birthday or Christmas he says he can't think of anything - but he does love to hang out in the historical book section at Barnes & Noble. I decided I would keep my eye open for historical non-fiction military books, as well as good historical fiction, although I feel there is a great void in the latter for boys his age.
Abby is loving second grade and just being back in the school environment. She spent the first week wondering why it was taking so long for her teacher to give out homework. Huh?? I suspect that one year she will not be so enthusiastic for homework. Abby turns eight next month, and this year decided to join the Girl Scouts. She's talking about swim team possibly next spring/summer as well - she can easily out swim any other family member.
Her brownie troop is going horseback riding in October. While recently going through hand-me-downs from our friends, she quickly got into the spirit when discovering a leather sheepskin vest and white cowgirl boots - which went perfectly with her straw hat. I guess her pogo stick pony will have to do for now, but I look forward to taking pictures of the troop riding out at Hoofbeat Ridge next month.
Jesse continues with a couple of weekday morning bible studies and Stephen Ministry. With my new found freedom in not having any design team responsibilities, I seized upon the chance to get involved with the Worship Arts Community at church and am joining the choir- something I have thought about for the past four years. Jesse and I also found a Thursday evening life group that meets very near home - we are looking forward to meeting new people and growing in relationship with this new group since our previous small group dissolved with Marv's passing.
Life continues to be a journey - with many turns in the path along the way. This coming Tuesday we will be gathering at Zander Park to plant a tree in Marv's memory, along the path that he and Carol had walked so many times.  The tree will be planted along the water, and like Marv's spirit, it will not wither, but grow strong. It's branches will provide shade and it's roots will grow deep - just as times with family and friends help us to grow in relationship with one another. I admit, I have taken a bit of a break from scrapping and creating, and am in a season of making the memories rather than preserving them. I picked up some new BoBunny and Basic Grey today...wondering if that would put me in the mood to create - we shall see! However, I am thoroughly enjoying a more relaxed pace and will create again when the spirit moves me. I hope you all are taking time to make the memories we are so committed to preserving.
Happy creating!
Rita S.

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I'm glad we could provide a place for you to relax and meet with friends.

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