Monday, March 26, 2007

For Keeps

Yesterday Kyle felt the need to remind Abby she came here on a plane. I don't think she really realizes that it is different from how Kyle came here (we still need to have that talk). Her reply to this was, "that's all right, I like it here - it's a pretty nice place to be." Which made me wonder, what is she comparing "this place" to? I told her I was glad she liked it here. "Yes," she replied, "this is a good family." "Glad you like it, because I really love you." For this I got a smile and tilt of the head, dressed in her Sunday best, as if to say, "but of course you do." Oh yes, my girl is definitely for keeps!

I dressed Abigail in the hanbok that her foster mother had sent from Korea. It is defnitely the last year she will be able to fit into it. I love the bright colors and shimmer of the fabric. Although she primarily complained that it itched, she allowed me some photos.

Excerpts from an email sent to family and friends March 26, 2003 at 3 a.m. - the post decribed our day at O'Hare and I picked up on it here about 2/3 into it:

Traffic on the way home seemed good. Kyle was sitting on one side, me on the other. Kyle chatted constantly, telling his little sister jokes and telling her about things here in America. Her eyes mostly focused on her big brother and she seemed quite happy. Once in a while a smile came my way. But after a bit, it was obvious that Abigail did not care for the infant car seat. She began crying so hard we had to pull over an hour into the trip, if that. When we changed her diaper at O'Hare I discovered she was layered in two outfits, so I peeled one off of her as she was very warm. That seemed to help, but not enough. I sang to her the rest of the way to the Perkins restaurant in Janesville which helped, but I couldn't stop singing or her lower lip began to quiver again.

The restaurant was an experience. Dale, my sister's husband and her son Josh met us there. Jesse wasn't hungry, so he walked around with his fussy daughter. Unfortunately the restaurant had a cook call in sick, and the place was pretty packed for a Tuesday night. The staff was in a quandary and most of us felt bad for them. It took a bit more than an hour to receive our food. Abigail had fallen asleep in her daddy's arms while we had waited. The trip home continued to be fussy, but I kept singing, and she and Kyle both fell asleep for most of the way. We arrived home shortly after 8 p.m.

Abigail was quite happy in daddy's arms while I unpacked things and made her a bottle. She took only a few ounces, which bothered me because she hadn't eaten in so long and the care update said she ate every 3 hours. We all played on our king size bed for a bit and hung out before putting her down in the crib at 10 p.m. I opted for first shift, expecting a long night. The Fisher Price crib aquarium is priceless - it totally mesmerized Abigail. By 10:30 p.m. she was sound asleep, and remained so until shortly after 3 a.m. when I began typing this (while she was captivated by the aquarium).

(time lapse)

I have taken an hour break from the computer - Abigail took a few more ounces of warm formula, had a diaper change and generally loves to have her legs bare and loose so she can kick and laugh. Jesse is awake now so I can go back to bed (4:30 a.m.), but I wanted to send all of you this update. She's a bit fussy, and just needs to work out some burps. She enjoys playing with the rattles, and also seems to enjoy standing up on laps and peering about. Abigail also prefers to be held facing outward, which is surely how she was carried in Korea.

Right now Jesse and Abigail are catching a bit of television, and I am heading back to bed for a few winks. Hopefully Kyle will sleep another two hours before he wakes me. Personally, I feel very blessed that we had a 4.5 hour stretch of sleep on the first night. She seems pretty awake now though! Good morning, and good night.

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