Sunday, August 26, 2007

Toadally LOVIN' It!

This is my boy...doing what he loves best - playing with the critters outside. This toad, for one day, had a lot of love. Not sure if it is just me, but this toad seemed more cute than others. There was something about the expressions of its face, but maybe it was because of love. On this day this toad was crooned at, held, stroked, given a bath with fresh warm water. Logs and rocks were placed in the back of the pick up truck and Kyle used it as a play area for himself and Toad. In the photo where toad is perched on the log, he seems to have quite an "all about himself" attitude, perhaps because he had just been bathed and was feeling more handsome than the coolest frog prince.

I had fun creating this layout, using Piggy Tales papers which perfectly coordinated with the colors in the photos. The circle designs allowed me to layer and create movement throughout the page. The pictures made me smile as I created...which I needed, for when I made this layout the calls were going out for the next celebrated group of Memory Makers Masters. Scrap therapy - that's what I love about creating. I had so much fun making this, that as I got into my mojo zone, I did not even think about the calls, and the next thing I knew it was midnight. This simple layout was created for pleasure, and to preserve the memories of a little boy who one day wants to be a veternarian. It is not one of, what I would consider, my best layouts. I wasn't even sure if it was worthy to sumbit to Piggy Tales for their design team call. But as I shared it in on line galleries I was surprised by the reaction. People love this layout, and they want to scraplift it. WOW! It makes me take another look to see what people are seeing that I do not see in in my own work. I see details that, although I put them there, did not think much about as I created. All I can do is give God the credit. I think that night, when He knew I was feeling disappointment inside, He was at the helm, giving me peace and joy using a gift that He has given me. As my son toadally loves all thing amphibian, I totally love all that there is about creating - we are both doing what God has made us to do.

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me said...

LOVE love love that layout! Great title too! :)